The Plant Soil Microbial Community Consortium (PSMCC) is an industry member-supported research program within NC State’s Center for Integrated Fungal Research. The PSMCC mission is to model, predict and manage the consequences of environmental impacts on microbes and microbial processes, from the sub-cellular level to large-scale ecosystems. Consortium research projects demonstrate the potential to bridge basic (fundamental) and applied (translational) research to accelerate the pace of discovery and application of new technologies, with a focus on the Plant Soil Microbial Community and its impact on plant health and productivity.

The Consortium actively solicits new members.

Request for Proposals Spring 2017

The Plant Soil Microbial Community Consortium (PSMCC) is seeking proposals for innovative research projects that advance scientific understanding of plant-microbe-soil systems through a variety of approaches, including but not limited to:

  • Mathematical models
  • Engineering approaches
  • Analytical tools for microbial community analysis
  • Plant-microbe interactions and dynamics

Eligibility: All NC State faculty are eligible to apply.

Award Information: up to $100,000 for one year

Deadline: Friday, April 28, 2017

Submission Instructions: Proposals should be submitted via email to the PSMCC Project Manager, Megan Andrews.

Questions: Please contact Megan Andrews,, 513-8219, with any questions or to request a copy of the RFP.

Recent News

PSMCC was well-represented at the March 20 CALS Partners Meeting: Deborah Springer (Novozymes) and Megan Andrews (PSMCC Project Manager), Kirk Francis (BASF Plant Science) and Maggie Wagner (postdoc), and Gary Payne (PSMCC faculty and Director of AMPLIFY) all participated in industry-academic team presentations.

We are delighted to welcome Bayer Crop Science as our newest Industry Member!

Postdoc Maggie Wagner was interviewed for an article on recent microbial advances in agriculture.

Microbiomes take center stage

National Microbiome Initiative

New NC State consortium to study microbes at the root-soil interface


National Microbiome Initiative

Representatives from North Carolina Universities were present in Washington, D.C. for the Announcement of the National Microbiome Initiative by the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

From Left to Right: David Ritchie, Professor Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University; Marc A. Cubeta, Professor Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Associate Director Center for Integrated Fungal Research, North Carolina State University; Kriti Sharma, PhD Student, Department of Biology, Microbial Interactions Laboratory, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Mary Beth Miranda, Senior Manager, Technology Sourcing and External R&D, Novozymes North America Inc; Steven A. Lommel, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Associate Dean for Research, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Director of Agricultural Research Service, North Carolina State University; Don Hobart, Professor, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill