Associate Professor of Plant and Microbial Biology,
Plant functional ecology of savanna and forest ecosystems

4217 Gardner Hall
Campus Box 7612
Office phone: 919-513-7668
Lab: 919-513-7667

Research Interests:

My research focuses primarily on understanding how fire, drought, and other factors control tree success and vegetation structure in savannas and forests of North and South America, with particular attention to the Cerrado region of central Brazil and longleaf pine ecosystems of southeastern U.S. To understand these factors from both functional and evolutionary perspectives, my work involves multiple approaches, including ecophysiology, phylogenetic analyses, controlled experiments, demographic studies, and modeling.

Selected Publications:

Lehmann, C. E., Anderson, T. M., Sankaran, M., Higgins, S. I., Archibald, S., Hoffmann, W. A., … & Bond, W. J. (2014). Savanna Vegetation-Fire-Climate Relationships Differ Among Continents. Science, 343:548-552.

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