The goal of the Center for Integrated Fungal Research (CIFR) is to integrate all aspects of fungal research including environmental and climate initiatives, disease, agriculture, evolution, mathematical modeling, genomics and bioinformatics, and to translate knowledge from fundamental research to stakeholders, the general public, and the scientific community.  CIFR will promote education and understanding of the relative contribution of global biodiversity to the beneficial and deleterious activities of fungi.

Recent News

Congratulations to Francis de los Reyes III for receiving an Outstanding Teacher Award!

The new model of graduate education and training proposed in the Duckworth, Andrews, Cubeta, Grunden, and Ojiambo Agriculture & Environmental Letters paper has gotten some additional attention in the February 2018 csa news.

Dr. Oliver Baars is a new Assistant Professor in the Center for Integrated Fungal Research (CIFR), Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, NC State. He is filling the Biochemical Interactome position within CIFR. Welcome Oliver!

Marc Cubeta and colleagues hosted a Fungal Biology and Biodiversity STEM Educational Module Development workshop for biology/environmental science teachers on July 14-18, 2017 at the University of Georgia-Athens (UGA). The workshop was sponsored by the Mycological Society of America (MSA) and National Science Foundation.

Congratulations to Ralph Dean for his new role as Editor in Chief of Molecular Plant Pathology!

Congratulations to Peter Ojiambo for his successful election as APS Councilor-at-Large!

Gary Payne, we wish you all the best in your retirement! Congratulations!