The goal of the Center for Integrated Fungal Research (CIFR) is to integrate all aspects of fungal research including environmental and climate initiatives, disease, agriculture, evolution, mathematical modeling, genomics and bioinformatics, and to translate knowledge from fundamental research to stakeholders, the general public, and the scientific community.  CIFR will promote education and understanding of the relative contribution of global biodiversity to the beneficial and deleterious activities of fungi.

Recent News

Congratulations to Marc Cubeta for receiving the 2020 APS Excellence in Teaching Award!

Congratulations to Peter Ojiambo who has been selected as one of this year’s University Faculty Scholars!

Congratulations to CIFR members Christine Hawkes, Nathan Crook, Kevin Garcia, and Amy Grunden for their contributions to two of the four successful GRIP-4PSI proposals!

Please join us in welcoming Manuel Kleiner and Nick Buchler to CIFR! Manuel is an Assistant Professor in Plant and Microbial Biology, and Nick is an Associate Professor in Molecular Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

A huge congratulations to Amy Grunden and the rest of the NC State team (including CIFR members Ignazio Carbone, Marc Cubeta, Christine Hawkes, Oliver Baars, and PSMCC Faculty Manuel Kleiner ) for successfully developing the new Collaborative Crop Resilience Program (CCRP) with the support of the Novo Nordisk Foundation!

Congratulations to Ignazio Carbone (Fellow) and Peter Ojiambo (Syngenta Award) for their 2019 American Phytopathological Society awards!

A highlight reel from the 3rd Microbiome Movement AgBioTech Summit in February 2019 includes a testimonial from Manuel Kleiner and a very brief cameo by Megan Andrews.

Congratulations to Amy Grunden for being named a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor!

Manuel Kleiner was recently interviewed on Radio In Vivo: https://radioinvivo.org/2019/01/16/microbial-communities/.