The goal of the Center for Integrated Fungal Research (CIFR) is to integrate all aspects of fungal research including environmental and climate initiatives, disease, agriculture, evolution, mathematical modeling, genomics and bioinformatics, and to translate knowledge from fundamental research to stakeholders, the general public, and the scientific community.  CIFR will promote education and understanding of the relative contribution of global biodiversity to the beneficial and deleterious activities of fungi.

Recent News

Nathan Crook‘s proposal titled “High-throughput screening for genes to improve performance of crop plant microbiomes using functional metagenomics” was selected for funding by the Plant Soil Microbial Community Consortium (PSMCC) for FY19. Congratulations!

Nasie Constantino, a postdoc in Ralph Dean’s laboratory, is part of a project developing sensors to detect volatile organic compounds from plants. This project won the 2018 BASF Science Competition, which recognizes young North American researchers making headway with problem-solving ideas. Congratulations!!!!

Congratulations to Marc Cubeta for being selected as one of the 2018 CALS Outstanding Alumni!

Congratulations to Lindsey Becker for being selected as one of the 17 inaugural recipients of the FFAR Fellows award! Lindsey is a Professional Development FFAR Fellow in the Plant Pathology Department at NC State. Her research examines the beneficial relationship between Mortierella elongate, a fungus that breaks down organic matter in soil, and tomato plants. Becker’s industry sponsor is Novozymes.